Pro Series 2 - Galaxy Cups - Limited edition (LAST SET)

PS2 Galaxy
Lovely set of cups - even before its released, so many stackers already enquiring about it !

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PS2 Galaxy Cups *Includes Cup Keeper with each set; The cup is made of translucent purple as the base. Silver metal powder is scattered inside the cup to create a starry sky effect. The cup is printed with bright silver paint. The design is based on a map of the world, and directly above it is the shining Beidou Qixing (because Jin Xiumo ’s small name is “Qilang”). Between the earth and the Big Dipper, there is a seal with the name of “Jin Xiumo” carved in Chinese classical calligraphy . The overall design of this cup is the richest in content and the most thoughtful design since WSSA started producing their own stacking cups. From the cup body to the pattern, many whimsy ideas are integrated into it, this will certainly become a cup set that all players would love. Be the first to get one ! 杯子以半透明紫色作为基底,在杯身内散落着银色金属粉末营造星空的效果,杯身以亮银色颜料印刷图案。图案设计为世界地图为底,正上方是闪耀的北斗七星(因为金修墨的小名为“七郎”),在地球和北斗七星中间有用中国古典书法小篆刻的“金修墨”名字的印章。 这款杯子的整体设计是历次中国杯以来,内涵最丰富,设计最为用心的一款。从杯体到图案都融入了很多奇思妙想,相信会成为选手们喜欢的一款叠杯。



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